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Goddess Of Truffles

Lexington, SC

Goddess Of Truffles


A muse for your senses . . . .

Artisan Confections

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Goddess Vibes


Here we go!

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 6:49 PM Comments comments (2)
If your reading this I assume you're among the first in a group of dear friends, family, and fans.  I appreciate your love and support and vow to do all I can to feed your lust for the sensual experience of indulging in my truffles.
Why do I call it a "sensual experience"?  Because, my dear, it is my intention that when you are in the moment of receiving this nectar of nature, all of your senses will be tantalized! 
  I have always had this strategy to flirt with each sense when creating a memorable event:
  • What will the guests see - I  consider everything from food presentation to the way I chose to present the venue & adornment.
  • What will they hear - I revamp my awareness of current issues - to make good conversation & make sure appropriate music was always playing.
  • What about touch - Number one thing is to start with a hug, then get a glass of spirits in their hands
  • As for taste and smell - I've not always been perfect - but what I lack in accomplishment, I make-up for with good intention.  Obviously this comes down to skillful cooking & the perfect perfume!
Having employed these charms on my guests, it seems to have always created a moment in space and time where everything is perfect.  The energy is positive and the moment of connection with what could be called a sixth sense, perception, is acute.
So this is the experience I hope to create with Goddess of Truffles; a bit of connection in a bite of confection!  Please, DO NOT gulp down a truffle.  As of today (July 19, 2013) each truffle is handmade.  This process involves time, attention and love energy!  Make a bubble in this space & time, close your eyes, engage your senses, be joy.  Perceive fulfillment & abundance. 
Thoughts/prayers brought me to a place where I am happy & healthy.  I'd like to extend  the same to you.
(All this - because I resonate with chocolate!? Crazy...maybe.  Passionate, definitely!)