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Goddess Of Truffles

Lexington, SC

Goddess Of Truffles


A muse for your senses . . . .

Artisan Confections

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Goddess Vibes


What it's all about

Posted on February 26, 2014 at 11:31 AM
Stepped out of the shower this morning and asked my cat, Taboo, "what is it all about?"  
Imagine my surprise & delight when she revealed the answer (telepathically of course - but I swear I heard it)!


I believe this is true & came up with this reasoning to back it up:

Einstein’s theory of relativity: “Space & time are relative rather than absolute”
E=   (Energy is equal to mass times the velocity of light squared)
Lecy Legacy of Consciousness:  “An alert cognitive (mental processing of sensory input) state in which you are aware of your situation.”
C =   (Consciousness is equal to mass times the velocity of light squared divided by energy)

Get it? Take a look at the graft I developed to illustrate how my muses are helping consciousness 

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