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Goddess Of Truffles

Lexington, SC

Goddess Of Truffles


A muse for your senses . . . .

Artisan Confections

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I have viewed existence in this world as a quest through a labyrinth for as long as I can remember. In 2008 I diverged through yet another porthole of which the enigma revealed a very powerful lesson: "be still and pay attention to what mind/body/spirit is saying". This is a profound epiphany that I desire others experience.

Synchronistically, while I contemplated how to share the essence of this life-altering key of wisdom, I kept seeing programs on TV about making chocolate truffles. A-ha! My spirit lit-up & in an instant I saw the expressions of people who were connecting to their senses. (I had never made chocolate confections - no matter, my soul’s ambition took over!) It was time to get to know this totem that would serve by giving people pause to hear themselves. A truffle would be my muse to inspire others to tune-in to their own awareness. All your senses are stimulated. One could even say the sixth sense, perception, even gets activated!

It is my intention that when you receive this nectar of nature, you'll experience stillness and become conscious & focused on what your mind/body/spirit is saying. Each time I witness someone taking a baited bite, closing their eyes & awakening within - I'm fulfilled. This blissful state of discernment is what I refer to as a "kairos" moment; an ancient Greek word for the quality of time & space vs the quantity measured by chronos. For that suspended kairos moment, your universe is perfect. By engaging all your senses in full amplitude and filtering through the positive vibes of joy & bliss, that reverberation is felt by others - dousing the world with the antidote to negativity!

So what are you waiting for? Permission is granted: close your eyes, engage your senses and perceive your spirit's message. What is it? I hope you find joy, fulfillment & abundance!

A bit of connection in a bite of confection,

Lila D